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Apple Mac Data Recovery. We can retrieve your data

If your Apple machine has been damaged by liquid, moisture, or just died outapple mac repair of the blue.
We can get your data. If we are unable to retrieve your data, you pay nothing!
Data recovery starts at €150. We use the same techniques utilised for our component level logic board repairs to retrieve data from your Mac.

We properly treat your computers logic board.

Liquid damage on electronic circuit boards is a degenerative process that gets worse and worse. The longer one attempts to power the device on with this corrosion present, the worse it gets. We address this prior to any other component level repairs on the logic board with an ultrasonic cleaning process that removes the corrosion from the entire logic board.
You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that our Apple Mac forensics data recovery lab has the best chance for getting back your lost photos, videos, contacts and other content.
When you absolutely, must-have, no matter what, your Apple Mac data…
  • If you’re sick over the thought of permanently losing your pictures or videos, simply contact us. Even if it doesn’t work, is broken or liquid damaged.
  • We don’t take any chances when it comes to recovering and saving your precious data. Our forensic lab and experienced data recovery technicians are well-respected in the industry, plus we have the necessary expertise and equipment to recover your data directly from your iPhone.
Important Note*** We won’t perform any work unless you are the owner or have legal authorization to access the device.

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