YouTube App Updated With Fullscreen Playback for Vertical Videos

While a fully redesigned YouTube app with Google’s Material Design, an emphasis on subscriptions and creation tools is coming soon to iOS, YouTube has, in the interim, issued a minor update to its current app with fullscreen playback for vertical videos. youtube - YouTube App Updated With Fullscreen Playback for Vertical Videos

Vertical videos are videos that are shot in portrait mode on smartphones. Previously, viewing a vertical video in the YouTube app added two black bars to the sides of the video, shrinking the actual image and making it difficult to view. Now, vertical videos play in full screen the same way they were filmed, allowing users to have a better experience on mobile devices.

YouTube is a universal app available for free on the App Store. [Direct Link]

Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Class Action Lawsuit

Apple and Nike settled a two-year-old class action lawsuit that challenged their advertising claims regarding the Nike+ FuelBand. The lawsuit alleged that Nike and Apple made misleading statements about the FuelBand’s ability to accurately track steps, calories and NikeFuel.


nikefuelband - Apple and Nike Settle FuelBand Class Action Lawsuit


Under the settlement, customers who purchased a FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015 can make a claim for either a $15 payment or $25 gift card redeemable at Nike-owned stores in the United States and Puerto Rico or at Nike’s online shop. The number of claims that a customer may submit depends on the number of FuelBands they purchased. Claims can be submitted until January 4, 2016.

While Apple was included in the class action lawsuit, Nike will be paying the settlement administrator and attorney’s fees on its own and Apple has no responsibility for payments or gift cards.

Apple stopped selling the Nike+ FuelBand and other fitness trackers in both its retail and online stores this past March, while a report last year indicated that Nike would discontinue making new FuelBands to focus on software for other devices.

Customers who bought a Nike+ FuelBand between January 19, 2012 and June 17, 2015 can find out more about the settlement via the legal notice authorized by the California state court.

Common Myths About Apple’s Manufacturer Warranty

If I get my device repaired with iMonkeys will it invalidate my warranty with Apple?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and to help you, we have listed a few important considerations to keep in mind.

1. For devices that have faults NOT caused by accidental damage and are still in warranty, we recommend customers first contact Apple as you will be able to get your device repaired free of charge. Faults caused for no apparent reason are actually quite rare as most Apple devices are well made and are generally very reliable. In these situations your warranty will be valid and you should be able to walk out of an Apple Store with a brand new device.


2. If your device has evidence of ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE e.g if it has a cracked screen or liquid damage most manufacturer warranties are invalid anyway. If your device develops an additional fault (even if looks unrelated to the accidental damage e.g. battery problems or speaker faults) most manufacturers will simply say that this could have been caused by the accidental damage and will therefore not honour any warranty. To be fair to the manufacturers, this protects them against potentially unlimited claims.

3. For customers who are still in warranty with a device that has been accidentally damaged, Apple will usually offer to ‘swap’ the device with a ‘new’ model. This is a not a ‘new’ iPad, but a refurbished model. For iPad’s, Apple currently charge around €320 for this service. You will not get your original iPad back so any data/emails etc would need to backed up to your computer first and then reloaded onto the refurbished device.

iMonkeys provide all our customers with a full range of repair services backed by a full 12 month warranty. We repair your specific device so all your data/settings will remain in tact. We understand that customers are concerned about losing a manufacturer warranty by getting their devices repaired with a third party company. But we hope a deeper understanding of the warranty situation will help you make a more informed decision.

If you have any further questions, or need more specific advice, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1890 911 400.

Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Screen Repair Centre

1 - Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Screen Repair CentreCracked screens are one of the main reasons for getting your iPhone, iPad or iPod repaired. Due to their size and portable nature, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. As the screen is made of glass, any cracks can leave dangerous sharp edges that can cause injury. Over time the cracks will get worse, so it’s a good idea to cover the affected area with sellotape to protect your fingers and to stop loose glass falling out.

If your device has been dropped onto a hard surface then, it is quite common for the metal edges of the rear cover to be dented, particularly on the corners. As the metal is aluminium this can dent very easily. The good news is that in most cases, the rear metal cover does not need to be replaced in order to fit replacement glass. As the metal is fairly soft, it is relatively easy to straighten out any dents to ensure the new glass fits properly.


2 - Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Screen Repair Centre

The first thing to check is whether you can still see images on the iPad. If there is no distortion and the colours appear normal then the underlying LCD is unlikely to have been affected. For the vast majority of screen repairs, there is no need to replace the underlying LCD.

Many iPhone and iPad users are unaware of what is involved with a screen repair which is why we’ve listed the following questions that may help you make a more informed decision.

3 - Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Screen Repair Centre

Ask About…The Quality Of The Glass

There are lots of thin imitation screens available on the market and whilst these may work initially they are far less durable and more susceptible to crack even during normal handling. The thicker the glass the more durable it is which is why it is important to ask the repair centre what they use.

Ask About…The Adhesive Used

We have seen countless examples of screens coming away (delaminating) from repair centres that haven’t used the correct adhesive. At iMonkeys we make sure to sure the same high strength adhesive that was used in the original iPad or iPhone.

Ask About…The Testing

Due to the complexity of modern smartphones, a screen replacement involves opening up your device and the careful re-fitting of components. This is particularly important if the device is being posted back to the customer as it is not easy to ‘pop in’ to rectify any problem.

Ask About…The Warranty

To give reassurance, repair centres offer warranty for any repairs – some provide 90 days, others don’t offer anything, at iMonkeys though we provide a 12 month warranty on all our repairs as standard!


iPhone Home Button Sluggish ? (try this fix)

345 - iPhone Home Button Sluggish ? (try this fix)Is your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch Home button become a little sluggish???
Here’s a subtle trick in iOS for recalibrating your Home button.

iDownloadBlog passes on an incredibly helpful tip that many probably don’t know about. It’s actually a very simple process to recalibrate your Home button; simply open a stock iOS app (Weather, Stocks, Clock, etc.). Once the app is open, press your iPhone’s power button until the ‘slide to power off’ screen appears. From that screen, press and hold your Home button until iOS force quits the stock app you have open. You’re done! No rocket science required.

Your iPhone’s Home button (this also works wonderfully on the iPad and iPod touch) should now be just as responsive as ever.

Apple Adding ‘Force Touch’ to New iPhone 6S

This year’s iPhone 6S model will include a new feature called “Force Touch,” Bloomberg Business revealed today. The technology, already being built into Apple’s new MacBook, will measure the pressure applied by your finger on the iPhone’s touch surface to enable new functions.

Being able to measure the pressure exerted by your finger opens up a lot of possibilities for mobile apps and games. An art app, for example, could use Force Touch to determine how wide a brush stroke appears as you paint. Or, when you’re watching a movie, Force Touch could measure the speed at which you’d like to fast forward through a scene. In short, pressure-sensitive touch should give you a far more fine tuned sense of control in many of your phone’s day-to-day operations.

As the technology exists in Apple’s laptop line (for its trackpad, shown in the image below), Force Touch not only measures the pressure of your finger, but also provides haptic feedback. Haptics would allow your iPhone to vibrate and make other motions in response to your touch, better simulating interaction with real objects. Use your phone’s keyboard, for example, and your phone may vibrate in a specific directional manner to make it feel more like you’re pressing real keys rather than just tapping a glass screen. There’s no word on whether haptics or Apple’s Taptic Engine will make their way to the iPhone in the Bloomberg report, but it seems logical for the tech to be in the works here too.

999 - Apple Adding 'Force Touch' to New iPhone 6S

Bloomberg sources expect the new iPhone 6S model to retain the current outer design of the iPhone 6, which likely means it too will be offered in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes. (A full redesign of the iPhone will likely occur in 2016 with the iPhone 7.) The new phone will also feature the new iOS 9 smartphone operating system. Volume manufacturing on the new device is expected to begin next month; the iPhone 6S will likely hit store shelves sometime later this Autumn.

Apple Music – A Review

Apple Music

Just a few days ago, Apple released it’s streaming music service dubbed Apple Music (or MUSIC). Apple music is the result of Apple’s acquisition of Beats and is meant to compete with current music streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify. Apple Music is available for $9.99 a month, which is fairly standard pricing for music streaming services. The real value comes in the form of Apple Music’s family plan. For only $14.99 a month, up to 6 people in your iCloud “Family” can get the full Apple Music experience. Even without a subscription, however, one can still access iTunes radio which has been available for sometime now, as well as Apple’s 24/7 radio station called Beats 1.

Beats 1

Beats 1 is the first worldwide 24-hour radio station. Apple has hired top DJ’s in London, L.A. and New York to man the helm and offer a variety a music ‘round the clock. My experience with Beats 1 has been somewhat limited as they play fairly popular music, which currently consists of EDM style music along with a mix of popular hip-hop and rock. Not my favorite genres. That being said, even though the music hasn’t been my style, I’ve quite enjoyed what I have heard. Being that the station is worldwide, they don’t play just the American hits. I’ve discovered several international artists that I have enjoyed and would probably have never heard if it wasn’t for Beats 1. On top of it all, there’s something enticing about a worldwide radio station. The idea that people from China, Kuwait, Morocco and myself are all listening to the same tune together… it just screams unity.

Beats’ Recommendation Engine

Apple has also repurposed the recommendation engine that Beats used. This was personally one of my favorite features of Beats. You selected several genres you liked, removed some you didn’t, and then repeated the process with a list of artists. After this process Beats would recommend music and playlists based on your selections. In my experience, these curated playlists were awesome. I discovered so much music that I love thanks to the discovery engine. Now, this entire process has been migrated from Beats to Apple Music and it still works just as beautifully.

1234 - Apple Music – A Review

“Add to My Music”

The best part of Apple Music has got to be the ability to add anything from Apple’s library to your own personal library. I have had a wish list of albums and songs in iTunes that I have just never got around to purchasing. With Apple Music I was not only able to add every song from that list to my library, I was able to download them to my iPhone/Mac/iPad/WATCH for offline listening. The satisfaction I get from being able to stream anything available within iTunes is immeasurable. And stream it does. The download speeds are zippy and the songs begin to play almost instantaneously once you select them. There is no lag and no hiccups during playback. I’ve been an iTunes Match subscriber for sometime, and on the whole, it’s been somewhat disappointing. Downloading music from my library is painful, laggy, and anything but fluid. Apple Music changed all of that for the better.


Lastly, Apple has revived iTune’s failed social network “Ping” in the form of Apple Music’s “Connect.” With Connect, you can follow your favorite artists and get notified of new songs or records, or even just updates where the artists reach out to fans in some way. Maybe announcing a show, or sharing a photo/video. It’s an interesting idea, but thus far the content itself has been somewhat uninteresting. This may be due to the fact that the bands I choose to follow are somewhat eclectic and probably do not participate in Connect as much as some of the more popular groups would. Nonetheless, I’m probably not alone in this boat, which makes Connect somewhat pointless for myself and others.

All in all Apple Music is a great value. Having the iTunes library at one’s fingertips is amazing. Admittedly iTunes doesn’t carry everything I personally listen to, maybe 75% or so. But the convenience and ease of use make it worth every penny. I highly recommend Apple Music.

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