How to best combat inconvenient iOS issues

Here we have listed, in depth, apple iPhone applications that will make the usage of users phones more compatible to their everyday needs. With the help of these applications, iOS annoyances will be an upset of the past.

1. Afterlight, which costs $0.99, is an editing app that provides 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, and 128 frames. Users can also crop their photos with a tool equipped with 15 presets and use a variety of other tools, including a Double Exposure feature, a rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening. With iOS 8, Afterlight also supports extensions, and users can choose to access the app’s filters and editing tools within the iOS Photos app.

2. Camera+ provides up to six times digital zoom, enables users to set exposure separately from focus, and offers a Clarity filter to “intelligently” adjust details and add crispness. Shooting modes, scene modes, effects, and a horizon level give users better control over photos both while they’re shooting and afterward. All the photos taken in Camera+ are saved to Lightbox, which can sync with iCloud to enable users to edit photos they took with their iPhone on, for example, their iPad. You can get Camera+ for $2.99 in the App Store.

3. GroupMe, which is free in the App Store, is a Microsoft-owned group messaging app. It has native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and works on phones, tablets, and computers. And not everyone included in a group message needs to have the app — you can add anyone from your contacts list and he or she will be able to chat with the group directly over SMS. You can share photos and videos, explore all the photos in a group with a gallery view, “like” messages, share your location, use custom emoji, send direct messages, and mute notifications if some quiet time is needed away from a chatty group.

4. Telegram messenger, is also free in the App Store, and claims to be the world’s fastest messaging app. It keeps your messages secure with end-to-end encryption and the option to set messages and photos to self-destruct. You can run Telegram on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop, and you can send an unlimited number of messages, photos, videos, and files of any type. Telegram is built on the MTProto protocol to make security compatible with high-speed delivery and reliability on weak connections, and it’s built to deliver messages with the minimum number of bytes possible so that it remains reliable even on the weakest mobile connections.

5. Sicher is a secure messaging app that protects users text and media with point-to-point 2,048-bit encryption. Messages automatically self-destruct and can’t be recovered, and users set the timer for when the message will be deleted from both their phone and their contact’s phone. Sicher also features encrypted file transfer, and users can create an encrypted pass-code to log in safely. It costs $1.99.

6. Slack, which is free in the App Store, is a chat app intended for the workplace, and for some companies it is replacing both another chat app and work email. It enables users to have one-on-one and group conversations, share files, use powerful search and file archiving functions, and configure notifications across desktop, mobile, and email. Slack’s dozens of third-party integration’s supercharge the app to make our workflow simpler.

Which Apps Give the Most for Your Money?

Once Apple debuted the iPhone, all other smartphone seemed instantly dated. And since its launch eight years ago, the iPhone has been inspiring the mobile phone industry ever since. Apps were pretty much unheard of before the iPhone created a market for them. So, with so many to choose from, which ones will give you the most for your money and which free apps are worth the time it takes to download them? We have a few suggestions based on your unique needs. Whether you use your phone for business or pleasure, we have some solid apps for you to check out.

Google Maps

Hey, we know that Apple and Google do not normally play nice but in this case, they do. Download the Google Maps app for an easy-to-use way to navigate around town. This app is especially crucial for its built-in transit info and up-to-the-minute traffic route reports.


Need even more navigational software? Try Waze. This app is like a having a backseat driver who can tell you how fast drivers are going, where the accidents are and the routes to take to best avoid them.


If you like Square, then you will love Cash. This app take the sting out of splitting checks when you and your friends hit the newest happy hour spot after work. The app will allow you to transfer money to friends instantly, even between different banks. With this app, it is possible to pay one check with multiple debit cards. Each person must sign up in order to pay their share of the bill however.


Want to read that article online but don’t have time? Pocket is the app that will let you bookmark articles to read for later. The difference between Pocket and your browser’s regular bookmark feature is that it quickly gathers all saved articles in one convenience place. You can login and access saved articles from any platform as well. The best part? You can access your bookmarked material offline. How’s that for efficiency?

Hotel Tonight

If you are the type of traveler who likes to hit the road now, plan for it later, then this app is for you. When you are looking for a last-minute hotel reservation count on Hotel Tonight to help you. You can sort your selection according to price, hotel rating, hotel type (boutique, luxury, etc).

Dark Sky

In Florida or any other place where it’s sunny one minute, storming the next, this app is perfect. Unlike other weather apps, Dark Sky can predict the weather down-to the minute in your exact location. You can be confident leaving that umbrella or jacket in the car with this nifty little app.

Those are just a few of the iPhone apps we recommend you review. Did we miss anything? If so, head to our Facebook page and let us know.

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Keynote Address

It’s been hyped for months now, but Apple’s keynote address finally took place yesterday. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled all the forthcoming Apple technology that we’ve been speculating about for months, and he did not disappoint. This is what you need to know:

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
Aesthetically, the iPhone has remained largely the same, and hey, we’re not bothered by that. It’s a beautiful device. The screen sizes are the same, as are the cases (but a little bit thicker), but the new rose gold color is truly stunning and a welcomed design modification. The changes that have been made to the phones are in the hardware, and they’re actually pretty cool.
Live Photo
A feature that automatically captures 1.5 moments before and after you snap a photo, scrolling through Live Photo stream is like scrolling through the memory center of your brain; 3 second moments that effectively capture your life and times. Facebook will also allow these types of photos to be uploaded soon, so it will be exciting to see if this changes the future of photo sharing.
3D Touch
Remember when everyone was talking about Force Touch coming to the new iPhones? Well 3D touch is the same thing; Apple has just branded it differently than the Force Touch used in the Apple Watch. It essentially allows for more options when interacting with the phone by being responsive to a harder pressure tap. For example, if you press hard on the camera app, you can quickly take a video or selfie. It makes it easier to update your Facebook status by simply 3D touching the Facebook app and quickly updating, and interacting with contacts is easier than ever, too.
The rear camera is now 12 megapixels and has the ability to shoot beautiful 4K video. The front camera can shoot 5-megapixel photos, and panorama photos are also improved with 63 megapixel capability.

Ipad Pro and Pencil
The iPad really stole the show at this years event. With an impressive 12.9-inch display, the on-screen keyboard is the same size as a laptop keyboard, and displays 2,732 x 2,048 pixels. What’s most exciting about the new iPad Pro is the optional accessory, Pencil. This tool is an artist’s dream. It is incredibly pressure sensitive and can mark a single pixel. It detects tilt, force, and position, making drawings and designs amazingly precise. It charges right from iPad’s Lightning port.

We’re super excited for all these new features to play with. So when will they be available? The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are available for preorder on September 12th, and available September 25th. The new Ipad Pro and Pencil are available this November. And as always, we will be here to take care of all your iPhone and iPad repairs.

iPhone 6S and iPad Pro – What We Know

iPhone 6S

Recently, a new video from Unbox Theory has surfaced detailing the differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S’ aluminum shells. When the iPhone 6 initially came out, Apple was victim to the ‘bendgate’ controversy, wherein the media labeled the iPhone 6 as succumbing to bending far too easily. We touched on this phenomena in ablog post last October. As expected the scandal blew over once people realized their phones weren’t bending from normal use and that bending was an extreme case scenario. That being said, as Shatter Buggy has repaired many an iPhone 6 at this point, they do in fact bend after experiencing extreme drops/trauma, which can make repair difficult. Luckily, Unbox Theory has discovered some exciting news.

Screen Shot 2015 08 20 at 7.00.23 PM - iPhone 6S and iPad Pro – What We Know

iPhone 6S – Will it Bend?!

The iPhone was most likely composed of 6000 series aluminum. This aluminum is composed of about 98% pure aluminum that is manufactured in a specific way, for durability. The manufacture, of course being an Apple trade secret. What we have come to find is the iPhone 6S’ aluminum frame is made from 7000 series aluminum, the same material the Apple Watch is constructed out of. The 7000 series aluminum is composed of about 93% aluminum and 6% zinc, creating a much stronger material. During testing, the iPhone 6S was about twice as resistant to bending as the original iPhone 6 was. In short, the iPhone 6S will bend, but not nearly as easily as the iPhone 6 did. We here at iMonkeys are crossing our fingers that this makes the phone more shatter resistant as well.

Another benefit to the 7000 series aluminum is better anodizing of the metal. Anodizing is what’s responsible for the Space Gray/Slate and Gold colors of Apple’s current product line. Previous iterations of Space Gray/Slate iDevices have very thin coating of the anodized color which can rub off and wear out over time. The anodizing coating on the new 7000 series frame seems to have a much thicker coating, resulting in better color that is less likely to wear.

iPad Pro

It is rumored that a larger ‘iPad Pro’ may make it’s debut later this year. The iPad Pro would be between 12.3” and 12.9” and would come with a a whopping 2732×2048 resolution screen. That’s a 2k display, or twice 1080p HD. If UHD, 4k, and 2k don’t make sense to you. The iPad Air 2, Apple’s most recent iPad, boasts a resolution of 2048×1536, which is Retina, but not Retina HD. The new 2732×2048 resolution screen would also not be Retina HD, as it would retain the same 263 PPI density of current Retina iPad displays. The iPad Pro might be unveiled along the iPhone 6S this September, but will most likely receive it’s own event in October.

With rumors are pointing to a more sturdy iPhone 6S and a new larger iPad Pro, one thing is certain, you can be sure iMonkeys will repair both devices, so you can rest easy.

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