3 questions you have to ask before getting your iPhone repaired


What’s worse than having an iPhone screen break? Having a repair shop destroy your phone or leave it barely working. iMonkeys wants you to get your device fixed right – the first time. Here is what you need to know before getting your device fixed:

How long is the repair warranty?

Only choose a repair shop that stands by the quality of their labour and parts. iMonkeys offers a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labour. Beware of any repair shop that has less than a 1-year warranty. A short warranty means the shop has low confidence in the quality of their labour and/or parts.

Are ALL parts individually tested and validated?

iMonkeys individually hand-tests each part for quality and functionality before it’s sent to our technicians. Unless a repair shop tests their parts in advance, the first time a part is tested will be in your phone. This means you might be returning to get your device fixed again very soon!

Are the screens cheap ‘copy’ parts or original high quality LCD screens and cables?

iMonkeys only uses the highest quality parts to ensure your phone is like new after a repair. We never takes shortcuts in using cheap parts. Although a ‘copy’ part may cost €25 less, using one can have disastrous results. With a cheaper route you’ll most likely experience: shorter battery life, dropped calls, dangerously hot batteries, unresponsive touch screens, dead pixels, and a pink hue on the screen. Yikes!

For a trusted repair, you can be safe in choosing either iMonkeys or waiting in line at an Apple Store to receive a quality repair that will get your device working again.

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