8 iPhone 6s Tricks You Need in Your Life

Apple has once again sent consumers scurrying to their online store and waiting in line in front of the retail stores in order to snag the highly coveted iPhone 6S. As is the case when any new Apple device is released, there are myriad new functions and capabilities that Apple fanatics are eager to get their hands on. Here are a few of the coolest features that you can access right now with the iPhone 6S.


  1. Make the most of 3D Touch — The new 3D Touch feature incorporates several different techniques that are sure to enhance the iOS experience for any user. It’s easy to quickly ‘peek’ into a web link, access the multitasking menu, or adjust the 3D touch sensitivity so you don’t have to press as hard.
  2. Jump to app actions — 3D Touch also allows to bypass a step by taking you directly to an action within an app. Right now, this mostly works on Apple’s native apps, but developers will likely be expanding the feature in the coming months.
  3. Live Photos — Live photos are one of the most buzzed about new tricks the iPhone 6S can pull off. The setting is turned on by default, meaning that your camera will automatically capture a few seconds of video on both sides of the shot. Just watch out for your storage as live photos take up a bit more space than normal ones.
  4. DIY motion wallpapers — Live photos can also be used to create your own dynamic wallpapers.
  5. Enhanced contact info — Now, anytime you’re in a native Apple app (such as Messages, Phone, or Contacts), you can access a menu that will allow you to initiate a quick communication with a contact via any available method.
  6. More responsive Siri — iOS 9 has incorporated several new enhancements for Siri, including more proactive advice, integration into reminders, and increased search capabilities. With the iPhone 6S, you can also use the ‘Hey Siri’ function anytime by enabling it in settings. Siri can also be setup to recognize only your voice.
  7. Truer multi-tasking — 3D Touch offers more responsive multi-tasking by allowing you to quickly access your last app with a light touch, or bringing up a full list of open apps with more force.
  8. Trackpad — Selecting a particular bit of text has always been a pain on the iPhone, but with the hidden trackpad on the iPhone 6S you’ll be able to turn Apple’s default keyboard into a trackpad and cursor you can use to easily highlight.

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