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Mac Repair Ireland has been operating for over 12 years as a technology repair company.  We have always had one main goal in mind; “Focus on the customer, not the Euro”…and we live it day in and day out.  Now, Mac Repair Ireland has grown to be the largest 3rd party Apple Mac repair company in Ireland and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.
We are dedicated to our customers and our staff and ensuring that Mac Repair Ireland is much more than just a business.  It’s a great place to work and a relief to customers who are worried that there is no coming back from the damage they may have had inflicted on their expensive Apple computers.  We are dedicated to making sure that we continue to find ways to keep costs lower than the rest of the industry as well as offer a customer service experience that stands out from the rest.



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We strive to be the best at our field in all aspects. We hold ourselves to a high level of quality when repairing your device, and we like to make sure that you are happy with your repair no matter what. When repairing logic boards, we go above and beyond in both repair, and quality control to ensure your repair lasts long into the future. We never cut corners, and ensure the job is done right the first time. Sometimes when you go to a repair shop, you are given a list of things “recommended” to fix on your device that you don’t really need. MRI is based off integrity and honesty. We will never upsell you on a service or repair you do not need, and we will flat out tell you if we think it is not a good idea to put money into repairing your device. Our mission is to provide high quality reasonable priced repairs, and to give consumers another option to get their “deemed unfixable” device repaired in a timely manner.


 “To continually raise the bar and be the pioneers in the Apple device repair industry.”

If we don’t make you feel valuable please let us know.  We will work hard to make it right!

Don’t forget, we love hearing from you and the experiences you’ve had with us. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us, even if it’s just a quick hello!




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Love People

Love is where it’s at.  We believe that Love is the most important commandment in life and because of this, Love is the most important part of our business.  Love is MAC REPAIR IRELAND’S number 1 Core Value.

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Serve the Customer, Not the Euro

We formed Mac Repair Ireland using this foundational core value and we believe the value of people is worth more than the value of money.  The result of putting people first will always reward the benefit of earning money.

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Have Integrity

“Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time, even when it may work to your disadvantage.”  The right choice is seldom the easiest but it’s always the right one.  So in essence, we work hard to do the right thing.


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Be Positive & Optimistic

This core value is imperative to build a winning life.  People find strength, energy, confidence, and creativity when practicing being positive and optimistic.  We must embrace and execute this core value while pushing back the mediocrity of a negative outlook on life, because the truth is…Attitudes are contagious.

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Deliver WOW Customer Service

We believe our customers deserve nothing less than the best so we encourage working a little harder and going a little farther to show our customers that we truly want to WOW them.

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Be Ready

To grow, it’s essential to prepare and Be Ready.  Living in the moment is the key here and embracing whatever faces you with a can do attitude and the willingness to give your best in the process.

Mac Repair Ireland is Closed due to Covid-19 & restrictions

Unfortunately we are closed. If you need to contact us please use the contact form.


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