Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Another common complaint we get on a regular basis is that the battery does not last as much as it used to. Well, of course not. Each iPhone battery is built to withstand certain number of charge cycles, so it will never be like it was brand new out of the box. Battery life is also affected by each new iOS that Apple puts out, as well as how we use the phone on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your iPhone’s battery.

Let’s start with diagnosis. We will use my personal iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.1 that I have owned for about a year and a half now. To begin, click on Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You should see a screen like the one to the right. What does this tell me, except that I spend way too much time stalking people on Facebook? Well, for one, the battery seems to be using a significant portion of juice on the Home & Lock screen. Here are a few tips to lower these figures significantly.

1) Adjust Your Notifications Settings
These are battery hogs for sure. Click on Settings > Notifications, and turn off notifications for Apps that are least often used.

2) Turn Off Background App Refresh
This features refreshes App content in the background each time your iPhone connects to a Wi-fi network. This can potentially use a lot of power depending on how many Apps you own. Shut this off by clicking on Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

3) Disable Your LTE Connection
Yes, LTE is awesome, and everything loads super fast, sometimes faster than Wi-fi! One downside is that it is also a huge battery hog. I find that using the iPhone’s 4G network is sufficient for most things (writing emails, streaming music, etc.). If I need to research something fast, and I just can’t wait, I enable LTE momentarily. Shut off LTE by clicking on Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE.

4) Shut Off the Parallax Effect
This feature allows the use of dynamic wallpapers that move in the background, which requires precious battery power. It also makes me quite dizzy. Shut it off by clicking on Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion (on).

5) Shut off the Fetch Function
Fetch is a function in your mail settings that notifies you of each new email as it comes in. While it’s a great feature, all that background work tends to use up precious battery life. I personally don’t need to be notified of each new email, I just check mine from time to time. Shut off the Fetch Function by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, & Calendars > Push (off) & Fetch Manually.

6) Adjust Location Monitoring
Certain apps require location monitoring, which can also zap battery life. Click on Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can shut them off entirely, or you can go through each individual App and adjust location access accordingly.

7) Adjust Your Brigthness
The liquid crystal display (LCD) uses quite a bit of power when brightness is turned all the way up. Adjust the screen’s brightness by clicking on Settings > Display & Brightness. It might take a little time to get used to a dimmer screen, but your battery and your eyes will thank you.

If you don’t see any improvement with these tips, your iPhone may be the subject of more serious hardware damage, either with the battery itself or with the power supply chip on the motherboard. As always, if you have any questions, just send a quick message or call our direct line at 1890 911 400 today!

Thanks for tuning in!

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