How to save your water damaged iPhone

Probably the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone is water or liquid damage and this is becoming more and more common these days since we take our iPhone’s pretty much everywhere with us. What’s even worse is that Apple’s iPhone warranty doesn’t cover liquid damage.

If you’re not sure that your iPhone has made contact with any liquids or moisture, check your iPhone’s liquid contact indicators because this is the first thing that the genius’ will do if you take it to an Apple Store. So save yourself a wasted journey and check out the Instructions for yourself. They can be found on the Apple website.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself the owner of a broken, water damaged iPhone, thanks to a sudden spillage, or moment of clumsiness or stupidity. Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in rain water, spilled a drink on it, or accidentally left it in your pocket and placed it in the washing machine, water damage to an iPhone is worrying, and most owners consider it the end of the lifespan for their beloved phone.

Whilst you can successfully check yourself if water damage has occurred to your iPhone, always remember that restoring an iPhone after water damage is a specialist job.

What happens when water enters into your iPhone? Why does liquid cause such a problem for your device? How to fix an iPhone with water damage?

Water on any electronic circuit boards causes corrosion, similar to rust on a garden gate, which is known also known as oxidation. Oxidation causes the degradation of the solder joints, which affect the resistance between the circuits. The connections start showing signs of cracks and pits, which stop the flow of electricity to vital parts of the iPhone’s electronic components.   Minerals and ions found in water, especially in salt or chlorine will form clusters that bridge connectors and short out circuits in a matter of hours. In our opinion, an iPhone, which has the highest chance of repair, are the ones that were affected by fresh water.

But don’t despair! Time is of the essence and If you are quick and follow the 5 steps to save your water damaged iPhone detailed in the info-graphic below, the higher the chances are of your beloved iPhone surviving along with all its data.

Save water damaged iphone - How to save your water damaged iPhone

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