1: 1.I authorise Mac Repair Ireland and its affiliates to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that Mac Repair Ireland or its affiliates are independent repair providers and not authorised service dealers or providers.

2. I agree to release, indemnify, and hold Mac Repair Ireland and its affiliates from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any repair work performed on my electronic device.

3. I acknowledge the device I am sending in for repair is my device & not stolen property. I accept all responsibility for the history of this device. If the device is confirmed to be stolen by a law enforcement agency, I accept that I may not receive it back.

4. If a device has had a previous repair attempt on the logic board, or a repair that has otherwise damaged any parts of the machine such as cables, connectors or other components, a non refundable €35 fee will be added to the repair quote.

5.  Devices with previous, unsuccessful repair attempts to the board are not eligible for warranty, and will be expressed with no warranty for future issues.

6. If a device has had a previous repair attempt (Including ultrasonic cleaning) that makes our technician’s job harder, we may charge a €35-55 attempt fee at our discretion.

7. If a device is deemed unrepairable or the customer decides not to repair, a €79 diagnostic and *shipping charge will be applied upon return of device. (This is to cover our time and expense).

8. Mac Repair Ireland reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

2:  Repair

1. If parts need to be ordered, the repair time can vary. We do not have control over shipping delays that prevent a job from being completed at the given time quote.

2. Mac Repair Ireland agrees to fully repair the original issue that the device was sent into us for, as well as stress test the device to insure it is working at manufacture specifications.

3. If a board only repair is sent to Mac Repair Ireland, despite Mac Repair Ireland advising the customer that board only repairs are not accepted, the board will be repaired to power up (Fan spin/S0 state) Mac Repair Ireland will verify that the machine has reached a S0 (Power On) state and that CPU vcore is present. Mac Repair Ireland will not be responsible to any other functions
on the board if the repair is sent board only. Board only repairs are expressed with no warranty, unless otherwise noted.

4. Mac Repair Ireland quotes a usual repair time of 2 weeks, however we cannot make guaranteed claims on turnaround times.

3. Warranty
1. Unless otherwise noted, All MacBook logic board repairs carry a 3 Month warranty with the exception of board only repairs or devices where Mac Repair Ireland does not do the final assembly of the board into the enclosure. The warranty does not cover components out of our scope of repair and damage caused by misuse after our repair (Liquid damage, drop damage, or technician damage) is not covered under warranty.

2. Warranty will be void upon having any third party preform additional work to your logic board.

3. Warranty will be void upon damage to the logic board of any kind, resulting from technician damage or technician negligence.

4. If Mac Repair Ireland receives a device in which Mac Repair Ireland’s repair has failed or caused other components to fail, We will fix it free of charge to you.

5. **DOES NOT APPLY TO END USER REPAIRS**  If a device is sent to Mac Repair Ireland under warranty, and the issue is found to be unrelated to our repair and within the enclosure of the device (Keyboard, trackpad, trackpad cable, screen, screen cable, battery, battery indicator, optical drive, hard drive, or hard drive cable, a €79 diagnostic charge as well as a return shipping charge will be added to the ticket.

6.  Devices where Mac Repair Ireland does not do the final assembly of the board into the enclosure are expressed with no warranty unless otherwise noted.

7. Devices with a previous, unsuccessful repair attempt to the system board are not eligible for warranty, due to the probability of damage that can occur with unsuccessful repair attempts.

4: Data

1. I understand that Mac Repair Ireland or its affiliates are not responsible for any data loss. I understand that I am responsible for backing up the data on my device before submitting for repair. In the event of any data loss and hardware or software failure I do not hold Mac Repair Ireland or its affiliates responsible or liable for any consequences or losses arising from the loss of data.

2: I understand that Mac Repair Ireland and its affiliates will not browse through any personal, private or confidential information or data unless directed to or is required for verification of the repair.

5: Payment and Shipping

1. Payment must be made within 60 days of repair completion. Repairs not paid for for greater than 60 days after the date of completion will be considered abandoned and recycled.

2. Payment must be made by purchasing a service on our website, or by paying a invoice sent to you by Mac Repair Ireland.

3. Devices will not leave our location until payment is received in full.

4. I understand Mac Repair Ireland is not liable for any damages, delays, or mis-deliveries on in-bound packages sent to us.

5. I understand that Mac Repair Ireland is not liable for any losses or damages related to shipping. Mac Repair Ireland shall not be responsible if the damages or losses to the package are not covered under the shipping agency’s insurance. Mac Repair Ireland shall not be liable to pay any refund or compensation in respect of a Consignment which is damaged, lost or delayed as a result of it being inadequately packaged. Mac Repair Ireland does not include insurance nor takes responsibility for any losses incurred with inbound collections. We recommend using a recorded delivery service for parcels sent in to us as we cannot be responsible for products which don’t make it back to our warehouse.

These terms and conditions can change at any time, without notice.

Mac Repair Ireland is Closed due to Covid-19 & restrictions

Unfortunately we are closed. If you need to contact us please use the contact form.


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