Use an Old iPhone to help your dog or cat!

Brilliant Uses for an Old iPhone

Do you have a problem dog or cat? Do you wonder what they get up to while you are out? Or maybe you come home and find a mess when you get home and wonder which of your animals is responsible. Or maybe you just want to keep an eye on your home while you are out for whatever reason. If you are one such person, then read on, this article is just for you.

dog selfie iphone 300x300 - Use an Old iPhone to help your dog or cat!

Now, the trouble with iPhones is that they keep bringing out new models. While this is all fine and dandy, it does create a problem with what to do with old iPhones. If the iPhone needs some repairs, then head over to iMonkeys. These old iPhones still have a lot of use in them, they can be used as music stations, game machines for kids, and a lot else.

But this article is going to focus on one specific use for them, and that’s for spying on your animals while you are away. How is this done? The first thing you need is your old iPhone. This is going to be used as a camera and broadcasting station. The next thing you need is some software. Download an app called AtHome Video Streamer from the iTunes store. On your new iPhone (or Android, or tablet, or laptop for that matter), down load an app called AtHome Camera Free. This is the software that will connect to your iPhone that will be broadcasting your feed.

So how to set it all up?

Set up is surprisingly easy and you’ll be up and running within 10 minutes. Follow this simple check list and you’ll have a basic setup enabling you to keep an eye on your animals from afar.

So, here goes…

Step 1 – Download AtHome Video Streamer from the app store, and install.

Step 2 – Open the app, and you should see a screen with a smaller screen which will show your current view.

Step 3 – For a basic setup, there’s no need to create a login, you can set it up between itself and a few devices to look in on it.

Step 4 – On any device you want to view the feed on, down load AtHome Camera (Free). This is available not only for the iPhone, but also for Android devices too.

Step 5 – One you’ve downloaded and installed the app, run it, and you’ll be presented with a QR capture screen.

Step 6 – Go back to your iPhone where you are sending the feed from, and press the Generate QR code button.

Step 7 – Hover your other device over the QR code that has been generated and your device will then be in synch with the feed device.

Step 8 – Set your feed device up where you want to monitor your room, and then you’ll be able to see the feed on your other device.

There’s a couple of nifty things you can do on the device you’re looking at the feed from. The bottom left button enables you to toggle between hearing what’s going on back home, and switching this off. This can be useful if you want to be able to tell if your pet is distressed in any way.

The next button allows you to record the action, and save it directly to your phone. Now you know how so many people manage to capture daft antics of pets when they are away!

The third button is perhaps the most useful. It’s the microphone button. If your pet is distressed, or worried, you can press and hold, and then speak through it. Your voice will then come out of the speakers on your iPhone and hopefully help to calm your pet down.

You can add a number of devices to the feed device by following the same procedure above for acquiring the QR code. Once the system has this saved, you’ll be able to log in from anywhere.

And of course, this system not only is useful for checking in on your pets, you can also use it as a mini surveillance system for your home, or for making sure your babysitter is doing their job looking after your kids. You can even set it up in your baby’s room to check in on it. Or you could be more creative, and maybe set it up outside to spy on wildlife, or whatever you can think of.

This is a basic setup, but you can also set it up to come on at certain times, record the action, or to activate viewing and recording based on motion.

So as you can see, an upgrade to a new phone does not mean the death of your old phone. It should simply mean a new use for it, and expand on its features.

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