Which Apps Give the Most for Your Money?

Once Apple debuted the iPhone, all other smartphone seemed instantly dated. And since its launch eight years ago, the iPhone has been inspiring the mobile phone industry ever since. Apps were pretty much unheard of before the iPhone created a market for them. So, with so many to choose from, which ones will give you the most for your money and which free apps are worth the time it takes to download them? We have a few suggestions based on your unique needs. Whether you use your phone for business or pleasure, we have some solid apps for you to check out.

Google Maps

Hey, we know that Apple and Google do not normally play nice but in this case, they do. Download the Google Maps app for an easy-to-use way to navigate around town. This app is especially crucial for its built-in transit info and up-to-the-minute traffic route reports.


Need even more navigational software? Try Waze. This app is like a having a backseat driver who can tell you how fast drivers are going, where the accidents are and the routes to take to best avoid them.


If you like Square, then you will love Cash. This app take the sting out of splitting checks when you and your friends hit the newest happy hour spot after work. The app will allow you to transfer money to friends instantly, even between different banks. With this app, it is possible to pay one check with multiple debit cards. Each person must sign up in order to pay their share of the bill however.


Want to read that article online but don’t have time? Pocket is the app that will let you bookmark articles to read for later. The difference between Pocket and your browser’s regular bookmark feature is that it quickly gathers all saved articles in one convenience place. You can login and access saved articles from any platform as well. The best part? You can access your bookmarked material offline. How’s that for efficiency?

Hotel Tonight

If you are the type of traveler who likes to hit the road now, plan for it later, then this app is for you. When you are looking for a last-minute hotel reservation count on Hotel Tonight to help you. You can sort your selection according to price, hotel rating, hotel type (boutique, luxury, etc).

Dark Sky

In Florida or any other place where it’s sunny one minute, storming the next, this app is perfect. Unlike other weather apps, Dark Sky can predict the weather down-to the minute in your exact location. You can be confident leaving that umbrella or jacket in the car with this nifty little app.

Those are just a few of the iPhone apps we recommend you review. Did we miss anything? If so, head to our Facebook page and let us know.

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